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Students may begin the program once parents have requested a parent taught driver education program guide -

A DE964 completion certificate will be emailed/mailed to you.  You must notify XLR8 Driving School if your email address changes.

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Students must first attend the classroom only program at a commercial driving school or public driving school at their local high school.  Students should then go to their local Department of Public Safety and obtain their learner’s license (permit). Once the permit is obtained and they have completed the classroom only portion of driver’s education, they may begin XLR8 Driver’s Education (Behind the Wheel).

To begin the behind the wheel phase of driver’s education, parents should print off the behind the wheel booklets and documents. One booklet contains the XLR8 curriculum and the other is a supplemental document to aide in completing the state required 30 hours of additional drive times.  The documents must be filled out prior to taking the driver’s license test.

Price: $39.99

texas behind the wheel parent-taught drivers education program order now