Terms and Conditions

Driver Education School of Record

Driver’s education is mandatory for all teens 15-17 to qualify for their provisional licenses.  Central Texas Driving School (C2600) is the licensed school providing XLR8 Driver’s Education.


Course Tuition

The fee for XLR8 Driver’s Education full course is $99 and the fee for the behind-the-wheel only program is $40.  Fees will be charged to the parent at the time of the order.  A $5 shipping and handling fee will also be included.  All fees must be paid prior to receiving the course.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

A full refund can only be made prior to the shipping of the DE964 (typically within 24 hours of the order).


Privacy Statement

Central Texas Driving School is the sole owner of XLR8 Driver’s Education and the information collected on this site.  Any information provided will not be stored or sold to third parties.


Issuance of Certificate

An original DE964 certificate will be mailed to the parent/instructor at the time the product is purchased.  The shipping address provided at the time of the order will be used when mailing the certificate.  If the certificate is lost after issuance, the cost to purchase a 2nd certificate is $20 and will be billed at the time of the re-order.  The parent will also have to cover the additional shipping and handling fees.