ELDT Bus and Passenger Endorsement

Module 1 School Bus Endorsement
Lesson 1 Danger Zones  
Lesson 2 Loading and Unloading  
Lesson 3 Vehicle Orientation  
Lesson 4 Post Crash Procedures  
Lesson 5 Emergency Exit and Evacuation  
Lesson 6 Railroad and Highway Grade Crossings  
Lesson 7 Student Management  
Lesson 8 Special Safety Considerations  
Lesson 9 Pre- and Post- Trip Inspections  
Lesson 10 School Bus Security  
Lesson 11 Route and Stop Reviews  
Module 2 Passenger Endorsement
Lesson 1 Post-Crash Procedures  
Lesson 2 Other Emergency Procedures  
Lesson 3 Vehicle Orientation  
Lesson 4 Pre-Trip, En-Route, and Post-Trip Inspection  
Lesson 5 Fueling  
Lesson 6 Idling  
Lesson 7 Baggage and/or Cargo Management  
Lesson 8 Passenger Safety Awareness Briefing  
Lesson 9 Passenger Management  
Lesson 10 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance  
Lesson 11 Hours of Service (HOS) Requirements  
Lesson 12 Seat Belt Safety  
Lesson 13 Distracted Driving  
Lesson 14 Railroad - Highway Grade Crossings and Drawbridges  
Lesson 15 Weigh Stations  
Lesson 16 Security and Crime  
Lesson 17 Roadside Inspections  
Lesson 18 Penalties and Fines  
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