ELDT CDL Upgrade B to A Theory

Module 1 Basic Operation
Lesson 1 Getting to Know You  
Lesson 2 Orientation  
Lesson 3 Control Systems Dashboard  
Lesson 4 Pre- and Post- Trip Inspections  
Lesson 5 Basic Control  
Lesson 6 Shifting/Operating Transmissions  
Lesson 7 Backing and Docking  
Lesson 8 Coupling and Uncoupling  
Module 2 Safe Operating Procedures
Lesson 1 Visual Search  
Lesson 2 Communication  
Lesson 3 Distracted Driving  
Lesson 4 Speed Management  
Lesson 5 Space Management  
Lesson 6 Night Operation  
Lesson 7 Extreme Driving Conditions  
Module 3 Advanced Operating Practices
Lesson 1 Hazard Perception  
Lesson 2 Skid Control/Recovery, Jackknifing, and Other Emergencies  
Lesson 3 Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings  
Module 4 Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions
Lesson 1 Identification and Diagnosis of Malfunctions  
Lesson 2 Roadside Inspections  
Lesson 3 Maintenance  
Module 5 Non-Driving Activities
Lesson 1 Hours of Service Requirements  
Lesson 2 Fatigue and Wellness Awareness  
Module 6 Conclusion
Lesson 1 Final Exam  
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